You Can Do It: 6 Steps to Become What You Dream

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You Can Do It: 6 Steps to Become What You Dream

We especially need self-confidence when we are faced with uncertainty and limitations on the way to our goals and desires. There are hurdles on the way and it may disturb and demotivate you in achieving your goal. In this article we are going to explain 6 golden tips that will help you in strengthening your self-confidence.


We all come from childhood, and our problems most likely came from there. Even if you deny it or think that you have dealt with them long ago, I recommend paying attention to your relationship with your parents. Not just to improve communication. Consciously working on your communication will help you overcome the early age programs. Perhaps it is they who prevent you from living the way you want.


Often inside us, despite the fact that we are already adults, there lives a small, disliked child who needs support. The main person who can give this support, recognition and acceptance is yourself. One must heal the inner child on his own and become a support for oneself, find and reveal the inner source of love. Don’t try to deserve and live up to: try to love yourself.


The habit of comparing oneself is usually associated with a desire for development. When we look at others, we feel uncomfortable, comparison gives us an incentive to prove and become better. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other hand, we often think that we are not good enough, that we need to get better. This race ultimately leads to moral exhaustion. A person does not feel happy even if he has achieved something, because he did it out of a desire to prove something to someone.

First of all, pay attention to your inner state, your aspirations: what do I really want? Do I exactly need this? To do this, you need to learn to hear yourself, as often as possible to “turn on” the state of inner silence, for example, with the help of meditation.


We cannot afford what we dream about on the inner level and, as a result, we cannot do it on the outer. How does it manifest?

Inner level

For example, you walk into an expensive boutique, restaurant, hotel and feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. It seems to you that the sales assistant is much higher in status than you; that the waiter will understand that you don’t have enough money to pay for a full meal. Perhaps this is true, but even so, it’s all about your inner state. It should not depend on the amount in your wallet or card. The more confident we are, the sooner we will be able to afford something new.

We are often afraid to ask for a bigger salary, to open a business, to reach a new level, to cooperate with a large company, because we feel unworthy, and this is a betrayal and devaluation of ourselves. Therefore, you should periodically visit places that you cannot afford, work with discomfort and awkwardness through self-acceptance and self-love.

External level

We are surrounded by hundreds of possibilities. The question is what you allow yourself and what you don’t. Often we ourselves block our impulses and desires, and we need to work with these blocks. For example, find 3-5 false statements that you use in your life. For example, the idea that money is made hard. Now imagine that they already exist and there are enough of them. Try to “build” well-being into your own reality and worldview, believe that sometimes money comes easily and unexpectedly. According to this scheme, you can work with any beliefs that are imposed on us from the outside and do not always reflect reality.


Keep a gratitude journal. Tell yourself why you are doing well today. And for 40 days – about how long a habit is formed – write down your thanks in a diary.


Work through your fears, blocks and limitations. After all, we somehow have to do what we are afraid of, what we are not used to. When we are confronted with something that we think we are unworthy of, we become afraid. Try to catch this state: watch your breathing, heartbeat, switch your attention to “here and now.” Then it will be much easier for you to track your emotions. Yes, my knees are shaking, my voice is shaking, but you shouldn’t dwell on it.

Our fears live in our heads, and learning to manage them is a matter of habit. By doing this, we will be able to reach heights that we could not even dream of before.

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