With This New Function in WhatsApp

A connection with the support service will appear in the WhatsApp messenger. It will be possible to communicate with company representatives in a special chat application, according to the Federal News Agency.

In the beta version of the application for Android OS, a special section will appear where you can create a support request by attaching a description of the device and reporting the problem,” the message says. The user will be able to create a request by including information about his device and any problem there.

After that, the user will be sent an invitation to a special chat, where you can contact a support specialist. The innovation is still being developed, the release date is unknown. Now, to talk to an expert, you need to send an appeal to a special mailing address. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it.

The function is still under development. Previously, it was only possible to communicate with the messenger’s support service by email. The developers will supplement the functionality of the popular WhatsApp messenger with the ability to contact support in a special chat application.

Users who are part of the testing program have access to the WhatsApp In-App Support feature. So, with the help of the new function, the specialist will be able to answer in the chat of the application. The user will need to write a message in the text field, and then add information about the device and parameters to the message. As a reminder, earlier, in order to contact technical support, you had to send an email.

The function is still only under development, it is not known exactly when it will be implemented.


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