Windows Timeline will be removed from Microsoft Launcher for Android

The Windows Timeline alias Timeline was introduced in spring 2018 and should allow users to archive their activities on the PC and smartphone (documents, files, websites, etc.). But the feature was not a success, now the mobile connection is cut.

The Windows Timeline was one of the great innovations of the April 2018 update for Windows 10, but it was not a great success, on the contrary. Although Microsoft is usually silent about which components of the operating system are less popular, in the case of the timeline one can certainly assume this.

The lack of success also meant that the intended support for third-party apps did not materialize. The synchronization of the usage history across multiple devices was not supported by very few. Microsoft is now pulling the emergency brake, as reported by Windows Central.

Microsoft Launcher is discontinuing timeline support

Although the timeline remains part of Windows 10, other Microsoft products are moving away from it. Specifically, this currently means that a notification appears in the latest beta of the Microsoft Launcher for Android, informing users that support for the timeline will be removed and that the more traditional “last used” interface should be used.

It’s not the final swan song on the timeline, but it’s a pretty big nail in the coffin. Because the mobile counterpart of the timeline was an essential pillar of the entire timeline concept. There would probably be no outcry if the Redmond company removed the timeline entirely.

This is currently not very likely anyway; Microsoft will simply ignore, keep silent or hide the Windows timeline. Sooner or later, Microsoft is likely to remove the timeline or merge it with another part of the operating system.


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