Updated Xbox application to stream games from the console. Also works on iPhone and iPad

By | October 20, 2020 | 3 views
Updated Xbox application to stream games from the console

It is not a matter of circumventing Apple rules, in another app other than xCloud, but allowing to play in “remote play”.

Microsoft has been criticizing Apple’s decision not to allow cloud gaming services to work on the App Store, including xCloud and Google Stadia, among others. The apple brand wants each title to be available in a catalog in its store and to be scrutinized by the team that evaluates them. Microsoft intends to get around this issue with the launch of its browser service, not going through the App Store.

However, the Xbox app received an update for Android , also on iOS and iPad devices, which enables remote play mode. This system allows Xbox One users to play their games on all mobile devices, via streaming. The difference is that in the xCloud service, included in the Game Pass, the games run from servers in the cloud, which is the point of contention with Apple. The Xbox app allows you to play in streaming, but with titles to be transmitted directly from the console, and limited to the collection of players.

There are some limitations of the new Xbox app, in general, as it supports titles released on the current Xbox One and future Xbox Series X | S, but some older titles on Xbox 360 and the original console are not compatible with the system.

On the other hand, the use of the app is not restricted to the home. If you have a good connection abroad, whether by Wi-Fi, LTE (4G) or even 5G, you can connect and remotely control the console, accessing your games.

The application update was mainly aimed at the introduction of new consoles in its ecosystem, including the menu design, familiar in all systems. Thus, it will be possible to download and share videos that you have recorded on the Xbox Series X | S, but also to manage the collection of games in the application, installing or deleting titles to free up space on the console.

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