During the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many companies have begun to implement a work-at-home model. Hacking has become more rampant and network security risks have increased. To avoid hacker attacks, the American computer magazine PC World has recently selected several anti-virus software that have the ability to protect and have the least impact on computer performance, hoping to solve network security problems for enterprises and users.

PC World selects 4 anti-virus software, and divides them into the best anti-virus, the most cost-effective, beginner-friendly and the best free anti-virus software, allowing users to download and install according to their needs.

For the best anti-virus, PC World chose Norton 360 Deluxe anti-virus software. PC World said that Norton 360 Deluxe has Dark Web Monitoring, VPN connection, parental control, system optimization and other functions. The anti-virus protection has been tested by AV-Comparatives and has been 100% confirmed. After installing Norton 360 Deluxe, there is no significant change or impact on computer performance, so it was decided to give the best anti-virus software evaluation in 2020.

AVG Internet Security wins the most cost-effective. According to PC World, AVG Internet Security has done a good job in data security. After the AV Test and AV Compares tests, its anti-virus performance has been highly evaluated, and it will not affect computer performance. Although the annual installation cost of AVG Internet Security is as high as 70 US dollars (about 542 Hong Kong dollars), there is no limit on the number of devices, and it is a good choice for small and medium enterprises.

The anti-virus software for beginners is obtained by Trend Micro Maximum Security. According to PC World, Trend Micro Maximum Security’s anti-virus software operating interface balances simplicity and complexity. There are four category icons at the top of the interface, allowing users to study software content more deeply. It also allows users to simply scan the computer. , You can scan by pressing the button in the center of the operation interface.

The best free antivirus software that attracts the most attention, PC World was awarded to Windows Defender Security Center. PC World pointed out that the Windows Defender software built into Windows did not work well in the past, but after many optimizations, Windows Defender has been as effective as third-party antivirus software, and Windows Defender has ransomware protection features that other free antivirus software does not have. Therefore, if users need to find software with higher protection capabilities, of course there are other options. But if you are looking for the best free version of antivirus software, Windows Defender is a good choice.


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