This Man Exchanged His Wife for a Young Girl and Now Made a Confession That He Regrets

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This Man Exchanged His Wife for a Young Girl and Now Made a Confession That He Regrets

We lived together (Me and my wife) for 35 years, went through a lot together, we have sons and a daughter. Each of them now have a good job, a strong marriage thanks to the wife who prayed for them. After retiring, my wife and I decided to invest our savings in one business, and the result exceeded our wildest expectations: I had never seen such money in my life, I almost went crazy with joy. Suddenly I became a member of the “billionaire club” and my life changed. It began to seem that one woman with whom we had lived for so many years was not enough.

We moved to a prestigious area, changed cars. They began to invite me to important events, closed receptions. Beauties were hovering around me, all my friends had young companions.

Young, sexy, she did not take her eyes off me, she had a condition: I must marry

They whispered words that made me melt. I felt like the king of the world, spending money left and right. And then I met her – let’s call her Dolly. Young, sexy, she did not take her eyes off me, she seemed to be ready for anything – and I fell in love. But she had a condition: I must marry her. My first wife never made me suffer in my life. She supported me in sorrow and in joy. The fact that our children grew up successful and happy people is entirely her merit. I can’t explain how it happened.

I was visiting Dolly and her mother: the same age as my wife, she prepared a sumptuous dinner. And after she began to put forward conditions, to say that she cares about her daughter’s happiness (she herself is divorced). She and Dolly gave me three months to explain myself and part with my wife, otherwise we will never see each other. Did I crawl on my knees promising to arrange everything? I do not remember.

Returning home, I began to blame my wife for all imaginable and inconceivable things. Quarrel after quarrel – and I really began to hate her fiercely. I put together a family council to open everyone’s eyes to her. Her list of “sins” included both overweight and fanatical faith. I said that her prayers were nothing more than spells, I accused her of being in touch with the pastor.

I felt like a king for two weeks while our honeymoon lasted

She fended off all my attacks, and then said: I know what the matter is, and I concede you to that young blonde you are running after. Now everyone has pounced on her. My younger sister, whom my wife once pulled out of a terrible situation and raised as her own daughter, hit her, and I just watched.

The wife left the same day. Most of the things in the house belonged to her, but she took nothing. The children tried to intervene, but my arguments and lies convinced them too. I paid the ransom for Dolly to her greedy uncles. I felt like a king – exactly two weeks while our honeymoon lasted. No, it is, of course, something special: when you are accompanied by a beauty queen at parties. But that’s all, I live in hell.

Dolly is licentious, ignorant, heartless. She rips me to the bone. We don’t even have sex: I started having erectile dysfunction. I’m pretty sure she has someone. I cannot admit this to any living soul. I miss my wife. By her kindness. Nobody monitors what I eat, so I started having stomach problems. Dolly does not work, stays at home. She gave birth to a child for me – am I so sure that this is my child? – but communication with him does not bring me such joy as communication with children and grandchildren once did.

The children are far from me, and their mother is fine. The Lord always heard her prayers and answered them. She looks younger and happier without me.

Made a mistake, but I’m afraid to confess to someone

Dolly put an end to my communication with my family. I feel like a prisoner – in my soul and in my own home. I made a terrible mistake, but I’m afraid to admit it to someone. I suffer and smile, and I cannot confess some things even in this letter.

And even if Dolly were an angel, now I understand that everything has its time. Sunset has come in my life – there is no point in wanting to be with someone who is experiencing a sunrise. With all my desire, I cannot portray a man at the peak of puberty. Forget Viagra, it does not occur to us to look for a medicine that will accelerate the growth of a child, why do we need a remedy that will delay the natural sign of the times?

I would give anything to turn back time. I imagine how wonderful it would be to grow old with the one that was there when I was young. I envy couples who have gone through tough times and stayed together in old age. I still do not lose hope of making peace with my wife, but she does not let me get close. I sent her gifts, she returned them. She says she has forgiven me, but doesn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore. God help me.

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