This Experiment by BJEM-II Students Turned to be a Blessing for People Suffering from Leprosy Disease

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This Experiment by BJEM Students Turned to be a Blessing for People Suffering from Hansen Disease

Most of you get the fishes cleaned while buying from local market. The skin and other waste materials of fishes are also thrown away by the fish vendor at the end of the business day in the garbage. But these students from BJEM School – II, Bhubaneswar i.e. Sai Gopal Acharya and Ayushee Kar made miracles and used these materials to heal the wounds of leprosy patients. This science project was presented in 106th National Children’s Indian Science Congress – 2019.

Leprosy is an infectious disease that causes severe skin sores and nerve damage in arms, legs, and skin areas of the body.  To diminish this disease, this project Was developed. The chitosan coated gloves which was prepared during this experiment turned to be a boon to leprosy patients.

There are many myths still exist when it is dealt with the leprosy patients. They were being kept separately from family members, not given good food, forced to leave house and so many other problems. Rejection by family and society break them and are forced to beg to survive.

sai gopal acharya and ayushee kar from bjem school ii bhubaneswar

Sai Gopal Acharya (Left) & Ayushee Kar (Right)

In such a cursing situation on those poor people, the students have come ahead to help them by treating their disease and send them back to their families and enable them to leave a normal life. This not only will help the sufferer but also make a balance in the society and develop a belief system in the minds of people that this disease is just like another disease and can be treated. Keeping in view the above points, both the students have started a project called “Blessing for Hansen’s Disease” and presented in 106th National Children’s Indian Science Congress – 2019.

The core objective of this project was:

  • To develop an understanding the role of chitosan.
  • To explore and understand the overall psychological problems of leprosy patients.
  • Helping in eradicating leprosy from the society with the help of nature.
  • Improvise the medicinal techniques used in treatments for various chronic and infectious diseases like leprosy.
  • By using shells of crabs, shrimps and lobsters we can make the environment clean, green and healthy nation.

sai gola and ayushee at capital hospital disaster ward

This project includes methodology including experimentation, where the chitosan solution is prepared by dissolving chitosan, acetic acid and distilled water in required accurate ratio. After the experimentation, the survey for the project is carried out by Sai Gopal Acharya and Ayushee Kar with the help and support of their guide teacher, in which they visited to CIFA, Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar and to the leprosy patients to observe the changes caused by using this chitosan coated gloves which were developed in this project.

hansen patients experiment

Preparation Process

Survey for week was recorded on a daily basis by visiting to the leprosy patients who were being treated are being recorded in the thesis with the photos and blooming changes in the wound healing.

Yes, the project, “Blessing for Hansen’s Disease” is a boon for the leprosy patients as, the chitosan coated gloves and bandages used that is more efficient in blood clotting and wound healing with comparison to normal muslin cloth used by the patients to cover up their wounds. A detailed comparison was made between chitosan coated muslin cloth and normal muslin cloth in the blood clotting test in which the normal muslin cloth took 240 seconds to clot the blood while chitosan coated bandage took 150 seconds, which is briefly and analytically recorded in the thesis submitted to health authorities by the students.

The result above shows and concludes the faster blood clotting and wound healing by the chitosan coated gloves and bandage with comparison to the normal muslin cloth that has been recorded.

With this. Sai Gopal Acharya and Ayushee Kar had succeeded in presenting the project in their crucial reports present in the report.

Teacher who guided the students from Buxi Jagabandhu English Medium School II, Bhubaneswar was Monalisa Das who was present with the students and contributed a lot to the project by guiding the students.

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  1. Prakash Dash

    This is an amazing project by these little scientists. A right time to focus on such useful social issues and bringing out such a wonderful solution for the leprosy patients. I am not sure how far you have succeeded with this project, but would like to know more about your work on this aspect. Please share more details about it and hopefully more students will be benefited from this idea of social caring with in hand solution. If the preparation process would have been discussed in detail, this could encourage other students to make such effort to even make it more effective and may help out patients in their area. Hats up to your effort. All the best for your future endeavors.

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