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These days, public sectors such as governments, local governments, and public institutions are introducing open operating systems (OS) based on Linux.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security plans to introduce an open OS to the Internet PCs of administrative and public institutions as early as the end of this year in order to avoid dependency on Microsoft, MS’s Windows OS and reduce budget.

Accordingly, the information and communication technology (ICT) and software (SW) industries are also responding quickly.

Open OS, ‘opportunity’ to the domestic software industry

The government plans to gradually expand the introduction of open OS, and by 2026, most public officials will use open OS.

The purpose of such a move is to lay the groundwork for enhancing the competitiveness of the domestic software (SW) industry by changing the monopoly market structure.

Korea’s open OS produced based on Linux, an open software, includes Hangul and Computer’s ‘Cloud OS’, Tmax A&C’s ‘Tmax OS’, and Invesium’s ‘Hamonica OS’.

Of course, only the introduction of an open OS does not solve the MS dependency problem by itself.

This is because, if there is no business program to be used in an open OS, the only thing that the OS can do is surf the web at best. The analysis of the related industry is that only when basic tasks such as document writing, file processing, and network resource sharing are supported, MS dependency can be released.

In response to the open OS policy, domestic ICT and SW companies are drawing attention from the market by successively developing and releasing commercial software and solutions that can be used in open OS.

Meanwhile, it is known that the three companies, Hangul Computer, Tmax A&C, and Invesium, are planning to unify the application program development environment through the’Open OS Activation Council’ operated by the National Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). These companies have recently agreed to adapt the application development environment for the open OS to the Linux kernel 4.19 or higher and GTK 3.7 or higher. Introducing the same development environment also means that the compatibility of development software is further guaranteed.

Hangul 2020 screen for Hancom Cloud

Disclosure of Korean word SW for open OS

Hangul and Computer recently unveiled beta versions of ‘Hangul 2020′ and’Hancom Office 2020 Viewer’, a program exclusively for ‘Hancom Cloud’, its open OS.

These softwares utilize the same technology as Windows-based office products, and are compatible with MS Office document format, and ‘Hangul 2020’ also supports Open Document Standard Format (ODF).

Existing ‘Hancom Cloud’ only provided ‘Hangul Viewer’, but basic document work has become possible by providing the beta version of ‘Hangul 2020’.

In addition, you can check presentations and spreadsheet documents through ‘Hancom Office 2020 Viewer’.

In the future, Hancom plans to introduce Hanword, Hancell, and Hanshow of ‘Hancom Office 2020’.

Hancom said, “It was found that users of ‘Hancom Cloud’ had the highest demand for productivity software, so we decided to release the beta version first in order to respond quickly to the market.” We will secure the scalability so that it can be done.

Hancom is rapidly advancing into the domestic DaaS market by securing compatibility with various cloud platforms after launching ‘Hancom Cloud’ based on the cloud platform supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT and jointly developed with the National Security Research Institute.

Debian Linux-based OS ‘Hancom Cloud’ is equipped with basic applications such as cloud browser, image viewer, video player, compression program, notepad, and calculator, enabling the realization of a PC environment necessary for work, and a security framework. It is characterized by enhanced security.

In addition, Hancom is working hard to create an open OS application software development environment in Korea by complying with the recommendations of the open OS activation consultative body led by the Ministry of Science and ICT and NIPA to secure an open OS ecosystem.

‘Hangul 2020’ and ‘Hancom Office 2020 Viewer’ can be downloaded for free by updating ‘Hancom Cloud’ to the latest. You can check it on the site.

Introducing the SecureGate Linux version

Unveiled a network connection solution for Linux

Hanssak System recently launched the network-connected solution ‘SecureGate Linux version’ that supports open OS.

Hanssak System announced that it has released a Linux-based solution to expand the OS support range of network-connected solutions, which are essential security products, in response to government policies promoting the establishment of a network separation environment by public institutions.

SecureGate Linux version provides network-connected agent function optimized for open OS.

As most of the open OSs are based on Linux, Hansak Systems explained that the solution was developed for the purpose of versatility compatible with various Linux distributions.

The network connection solution is a security product that is essential for safe data transmission in an environment where the network is separated into a business network and an Internet network. When an open OS is introduced in Internet PCs according to the Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s policy, a network-connected agent that can be compatible with both OSs is required when transmitting data to a work PC with Windows OS installed.

The SecureGate Linux version was developed not only to support an open OS, but also to provide the same functions, security, and use environment as the existing Windows version.

It guarantees high security by providing an information security system conforming to the CC certification EAL4 and customer-customized multiple authentication methods, and by applying a web-based UI and UX, it provides a user experience similar to the familiar Windows environment to recognize OS changes. It can be used conveniently so as not to exist.

Its main functions include network-to-network transmission file and data encryption, user authentication, file forgery inspection and file transmission, transmission status management, payment management such as approval, rejection, and preview, and network connection system access setting management.

“Securegate is developed to be used in any environment regardless of OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc., and the released Linux version is currently in the stabilization stage and can be built immediately. “Do” he said.

Lee Joo-do, CEO of Hansack Systems, said, “If the government proactively expands the introduction of open OS, the paradigm of the domestic software industry will change not only to post-windows, but also to software that can be supported without dependency on a specific OS.” “In line with the change, Hansak System will lead the market with a security solution without OS dependencies,” he said.

introduction to RZip Linux

introduction to RZip Linux

File compression and decompression can be easily done with ‘Alzip’

In April, Eastsoft released the Linux version of the corporate collaboration solution ‘Team Up’, followed by the Linux version of the compression program ‘Alzip’.

Most users who are new to Linux take a considerable amount of time to adapt due to the different user experience (UX/UI) from Windows. Based on this fact, Eastsoft explained that in order to solve the user’s discomfort, it focused on providing a user environment similar to the Windows version, and developed the Alzip Linux version.

Actually, the RZip Linux screen is composed of functions and screen design similar to the existing Windows RZip.

Because of this, even those who are new to Linux can use the file compression and decompression functions quickly and easily.

In addition, Alzip Linux provides compression and decompression functions optimized for Linux.

Eastsoft said that in order to remove various compressed formats from the existing Linux OS, there was a hassle of downloading and installing a package for each format. It emphasized that the usability was further enhanced.

RZip Linux is undergoing GS certification examination for registration in the Public Procurement Service’s national marketplace and interoperability test of Harmonica, one of the domestic open OS. Eastsoft said it is trying to provide reliable products to more users.

Eastsoft said, “With the government’s ‘post-window’ strategy, the introduction of open OS is expected to expand from the end of this year to administration and public organizations.” We plan to expand and enhance the Linux product lineup so that the product can be used conveniently.”

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