New Scam With Fake Reviews Uncovered On Amazon

By | September 6, 2020 | 86 views
New Scam With Fake Reviews Uncovered On Amazon

Purchased reviews have been banned on Amazon for a long time – but dubious providers always find a way to buy 5-star reviews. A particularly bold case has now been stopped in Great Britain.

This involves a total of seven reviewers who had recorded more than 20,000 product reviews in the past few months. The Financial Times had reported anomalies in the ratings and shed some light on the system. You can tell from the general conditions that things were not right. According to the Financial Times, one of the hardworking evaluators rated products worth around £ 15,000 in August alone. There was a new evaluation every four hours on average.

If you'd invested in Amazon in 1997 - New scam with fake reviews uncovered on Amazon

This Report Published by Statista in German Language and Translated by Tekfiz Tech Blog in English

The goods ended up on Ebay

All kinds of product categories were ordered, many of them from Chinese suppliers. During its research, the Financial Times (FT) noticed several accounts in which the actors on Amazon had given 5-star ratings and sold the same goods as unopened original packaging on Ebay. The fake reviewer is said to have earned around £ 20,000 on Ebay.

Amazon is looking for more scammers

The sale is then a lot of cash – even if the individual items are sold for small sums, because, according to the FT, the affected Chinese brands appear again and again in various forums, where they offer their goods against a 5-star rating on Amazon offer for free. Amazon has already reacted and deleted the corresponding reviews after the FT research. The company has also announced that it will use the knowledge gained in this way to search for similar cases and take action.

It is very unlikely that this “trick” was only used in Great Britain – there it has only now been noticed. Amazon’s AI should now recognize similar cases in other countries more quickly.

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