Lady Di meets Queen Elizabeth in new 'The Crown 4' trailer

The moment that all fans of British royalty have been waiting for: Lady Diana will meet Queen Elizabeth in the new season of the English Netflix hit, ‘The Crown‘. The new trailer for the fourth season simply raises the expectation of the new episodes. 

Emma Corrin’s Princess Diana, along with Josh O’Connor’s Prince Charles, finally appears before the “dreaded” Queen Elizabeth by Oliva Colman, and we can’t wait any longer. They will surely think we are crazy, but seeing the “fairy tale” of English royalty come to life is exciting. 

However, we cannot only focus on the presence of Lady Di for this fourth season, since another great woman is present at this stage in history: Margaret Thatcher, played by Gillian Anderson. 

“Fairy tales generally end at this point, with the simple phrase of ‘they lived happily ever after,'” we can hear in the narration of the teaser trailer. It is no secret to anyone that the love affair between Diana and Carlos was anything but the “Disney” version of things, and now, we can see it with our own eyes. 

The new season will premiere on November 15, which means that, if anyone has not caught up with the series, they have a total of one month to do so. And believe us, you won’t regret giving the production that has resulted in so many successes for Netflix a shot. 

A surprise for fans of Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth is that the actress has been confirmed to return for a flashback scene. Also, this will be the time to say goodbye to Colman as the owner of the crown, since for the last two seasons of the series it will be Imelda Staunton who will play the role of monarch.


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