Kalmuri, A Lightweight Program To Record Screen And Take Screenshots

Recording the screen is one of those tools that today is extremely busy because it opens up many possibilities, especially for content creation. The same goes for screenshots, which, being so accessible at the moment, help to enhance many jobs. However, the most powerful applications for these purposes tend to consume many resources, so users with less powerful computers can have problems when using them.

Therefore, we want to introduce you to Kalmuri, an application for Windows that will allow you to take screenshots and record the screen without consuming too much memory and CPU on your PC.

Screenshots and recordings in lightweight software

kalmuri screen capture program

Having light programs capable of carrying out tasks that carry out very heavy programs, is great news because it opens up the possibility that computer users with few resources can carry out these tasks. This is precisely what happens with Kalmuri, which makes screen recording and taking screenshots available to everyone without going through the annoying slowdowns caused by the consumption of RAM and CPU by other applications of its kind.

Likewise, its use in powerful equipment allows to fulfill the recording and capturing tasks, leaving space available to occupy by other programs that we are using, maintaining the fluidity of its operation.

Among the functions that we find in Kalmuri we have full-screen video recording in any specific area. You can do the same with the screenshots, and you can also store the files in JPG, PNG, GIF and MP4 formats.

On the other hand, it has support for keyboard shortcuts, allowing a much more agile control of all the software options. Finally, it should be noted that we are talking about a totally free program and that you can obtain by following this link.


  • Kalmuri supports video recording with the facility to either select an area or the whole screen.
  • With Kalmuri program you can capture whole screen, active program, window control, area application and a lot more.
  • Output of the captured screen can be saved to PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, MP4 file formats which is supported by almost all devices.
  • With Kalmuri, you can capture full web page.
  • You can share the captured images and videos on the internet or webpage.
  • Additionally you can extract colors with Kalmuri screen capture program.
  • Once the screen is capture, you can print from within Kalmuri program.
  • For easy access and operation you have the facility for Hotkey settings.
  • Very easy to adjust screen via keyboard for area capture with the help of Arrow key, Ctrl+Arrow key, Shift+Arrow key.
  • The file names of captured images or videos are  saved in sequential, date & time format.

How to Use?

  • After selecting the desired range of area to be captured and the format in which to save, press the shortcut key to capture. (For the first time the hotkey is PrintScreen. It can be changed through the hotkey settings.)
  • For the menu, click the right mouse button on the Kalmuri screen to find more options.


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