Introduced the PS5 menu, what do you think of the new PlayStation UI

The last few weeks have been very busy for fans who are eagerly awaiting the launch of PlayStation 5, because after showing the interior of the PS5 in detail, Sony opted to present the user interface of its new generation console, which being faithful to the style visual of previous PlayStation, introduces some novelties as striking as Activities, with which the Japanese hope to improve the user experience.

Getting all the Trophies will be easier with the tutorials that will include some games

The video presented by PlayStation is most illustrative in terms of the novelties presented by this renewed user interface based on the use of cards, where the different options present in the new generation Japanese console are distributed in an organized way. Do you like its aesthetics? Do you think it is functional? There is more, of course, because among the new features of this dashboard we find the presence of guides / tutorials from the developers themselves, which we can access to discover how to unlock a trophy, or overcome a difficult area in the game, as long as we are subscribers to PS Plus.

Activities give access to various options and challenges instantly

As we pointed out lines back, Activities are the newest point of this user interface, giving access to various challenges and specific levels of each video game so that the player, depending on the time available or what they are looking for, can enjoy to the fullest of every moment in front of your PS5. Even developers can indicate how long certain challenges will take to complete, so that the player is aware of which challenges they can and cannot complete based on their free time.

Also giving great importance to the community of players, with the possibility of watching the streaming of friends while enjoying your own game, this first look at the user interface of PlayStation 5 has generated great excitement among fans. With everything shown these days, what do you think of Sony’s new bet? Are you convinced by the PS5 UI? Do you think it could offer more novel options? Do not hesitate to participate in our survey and also leave your comment below.


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