Instagram Redesigned, improve your Instagram experience from the web

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Although Instagram has been one of the most popular social networks for some years, its experience from the web is not the best. Unlike what happens with Twitter that its usability is similar on all platforms, the web version of Instagram is not entirely comfortable. However, we can enhance it with the use of an extension for Chrome that will even enable us new alternatives.

It is about Instagram Redesigned, which will allow us to enable night mode and also download photos from the platform.

Improve your browsing on Instagram Web

After all the improvements that the platform brought, it should be noted that they managed to include direct messages and even stories from the web. However, the interface continues to leave much to be desired and the experience does not come close to what we have from the mobile application. The good news is that browser extensions can help us improve this issue and therefore Instagram Redesigned is a very good option to enhance our experience on the platform.

While it doesn’t offer too many options, the 3 elements it focuses on significantly increase the level of experience we have when using Instagram on the web.

The 3 elements that we talk about and that Instagram Redsigned incorporates are: the night mode, the possibility of downloading the content and a slight change in the shadows and edges of the interface. Night mode, for example, can make any interface much more pleasant to look at, which invites us to keep browsing.

For its part, downloading the content will make it easier for us to obtain the publications without resorting to other services. To achieve this, you will only have to place the pointer over the post and the option to open the material in a new tab will be displayed from where you can download.

Instagram Redesigned is undoubtedly a great alternative for those looking to continue using Instagram on the web, but with a better experience.

Instagram Redesigned
Instagram Redesigned
Developer: ivocass
Price: Free

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