Secretly Read All Incoming Messages In WhatsApp

All messengers, including WhatsApp, have special indicators that allow you to find out whether the interlocutor received the message you sent and whether he read it. But sometimes it is necessary to read incoming messages so that the sender does not even know about it. Fortunately, this can be done, and quite easily. Today we are going to show you an easy way to secretly read all incoming messages on WhatsApp.

Privacy settings

The WhatsApp developers foresaw that users might need such an option, so they immediately added it to the messenger settings. You can easily turn off the delivery and read indicator, which will allow you to read inbox from any users without their knowledge.
To do this, you need to open WhatsApp settings and go to the “Account” section. There you will find a special tab called “Privacy“.

This is where the option we are interested in is located. At the bottom of the window you will find the item “Read reports“, opposite which there is a check mark. You just need to remove this checkbox. Keep in mind that when you turn off reports, not only your interlocutors, but also you, will no longer receive read information. WhatsApp is fair.

You can also limit the range of users to whom the time of your last visit to WhatsApp will be displayed. You can hide this information from all users, or only from those who are not in your contact list.

Airplane mode

There is another easy way to read incoming WhatsApp messages without the sender. It does not have to go into the settings and sacrifice the reading indicator, besides, it is more convenient if you need such an opportunity in a certain case, and not always.

What do we have to do? As soon as you see that pop-up notifications from WhatsApp are displayed on the smartphone screen, clear the notification shade, but do not go into the messenger itself. After the interlocutor stops texting you, put your smartphone in airplane mode.

With airplane mode active, you can open WhatsApp and view all received messages. The fact is that this mode automatically disables all active Internet connections on the device. This means that the user will not be sent reports on the view of sent messages, although they are already saved on your phone and displayed in the dialogue in WhatsApp.

As you can see, there are two current ways to discreetly read any incoming messages. The first is more suitable for those who do not want to notify their interlocutors about their activity in principle. The second can help out in case of emergency.

The expert told how to correspond invisibly on WhatsApp

how to correspond invisibly on WhatsApp

Hide conversation in can be in two formats: online – for other users of the messenger and offline – for people nearby, said the deputy director of the Institute of the University of Information Technology.

“One of the ways to hide your online presence is to set the status to” Was— (s) “in the privacy settings. So you hide your online presence, the user who wanted to see when you were there will be shown” was (a) recently “or the status will not be displayed at all,” the expert notes.

You can also hide the read status of the message. The person who sends you a message will see the sending status, but will not be able to see if you have read the message or not. To hide your presence in the application altogether, you can communicate through a notification by clicking on the “reply” button, an inconvenient but effective way, he adds.

“There is another way, but using specialized applications that are suitable only for Android users. One of these applications is Unseen, the application only allows you to read messages without being displayed on the network,” says Averin.

In an offline format, it is worthwhile to understand that it is almost impossible to hide the fact that you are texting, especially if a person is nearby – certain manipulations with the phone will give you away, he warns.

From the most obvious advice – do not “sign in” your phone. In addition, if for some reason your phone was in the hands of another person and he wanted to watch the dialogs in WhatsApp, then a pre-set password for the application and hiding incoming push notifications with new messages will help here, Averin concluded.


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