How To Deal With Problems With Bluetooth Headphones While Connecting On Multiple Apple Devices

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Bluetooth is a fantastic technology as long as it works. Clear, high-quality sound can be streamed from a variety of devices. However, most Bluetooth headphones have one drawback. You can pair up to 2 to 8 devices with multiple devices, but only one is connected and works.

Bluetooth multipoint technology has already appeared in 10 years with the Bluetooth 4.0 specification. An audio device can simultaneously accept streaming inputs from multiple paired devices. However, very few products support this, and in many cases, it is necessary to use a specific Bluetooth audio compression technology. It is a regret that this technology has not spread widely because most of the users use Bluetooth devices and move around multiple devices.

Shows the mobile phone connection status. © IDG

Many headphones restore the connection to the most recently paired device. But not always. When I tested a variety of Bluetooth headphones on iOS 14, macOS 14 Mojave, and macOS 15 Catalina, they automatically reconnected to the last connection on iOS 14 only. It seems that the latest connection is maintained by the operating system, not the headphones.

To check if your Bluetooth headphones are connected to iOS or iPadOS, go to Settings> Bluetooth. To check the list, when you find a product, it is currently active if it is marked as connected’. Otherwise, it is displayed as not connected’. You can also open the Control Center to check. If you open the networking panel and press and hold the Bluetooth icon, a list of the same devices appears.

Meanwhile, you can’t disconnect by tapping the device name in the list. Instead, you have to tap the ‘i’ info icon to the right of the connected’ sign, then tap ‘disconnect’. On the other hand, if it’s not connected, you can connect directly by tapping the device name.

To stop an active connection, you have to tap ‘Disconnect’. © IDG.

In macOS, click the Bluetooth icon in the system menu and select the headphone name to see if it’s connected. If you’re connected, you can select’Disconnect’, otherwise, just click ‘Connect’. The audio link is active unless it is connected to another device.

You can also use Bluetooth preferences. You can check the connection status of all devices in the list. To disconnect from here, Ctrl+click the headphones and select’Disconnect’. Do not click on the’x’ icon. Immediately, the Mac is unpaired. If a problem occurs during this process, you can go through the following steps.

  • Turn off the power of the headphones and turn them on again
  • In iOS/iPadOS’ Control Center, tap the Bluetooth button, then disable it and turn it back on.
  • In macOS, select ‘Bluetooth Off’ from the Bluetooth menu and then select ‘Bluetooth On’ again.
  • On iOS and iPadOS, in Settings> Bluetooth, click the “i” info icon to the right of the device name and tap “Forget this device” to remove the pairing. Now switch the headphones back to pairing mode and pair them with the mobile device again.
  • In macOS’ Bluetooth preferences, tap the’x’ icon to the right of the device name in the list to remove the pairing. Now switch the headphones back to pairing mode and re-pair with the Mac.

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