How much does it cost to repair an iPhone 12? Almost the same as buying an iPhone 11

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With the presentation of the iPhone 12 Apple fulfilled all the expectations that had been generated, including the introduction of the 5G standard and its promise of “Hi Speed“, which we already anticipated a few days before the official event took place.

The iPhone 12 is a top-of-the-range smartphone, but it is divided into two versions and four perfectly differentiated variants. The base is formed by the iPhone 12 Mini, which is the smallest and cheapest of the four terminals. Above him is the iPhone 12, which occupies an intermediate position. At the top we have the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

All four models share design and adopt a premium build quality, but with differentiating nuances, since the iPhone 12 uses aluminum and glass, while the iPhone 12 Pro have a stainless steel and glass chassis.

A premium finish with a double layer of glass and a metallic chassis gives these terminals outstanding aesthetics and quality, but it has a negative point, which is that they are materials that do not come out well at all in accidental falls, especially when they impact on hard surfaces. and uneven, such as asphalt, for example.

Apple commented during the presentation that it has integrated a finish known as “ceramic shield”, which in theory makes the new iPhone 12 more resistant to drops and scratches, but this does not mean that the risk of glass breakage has been eliminated in the event of a fall.

Repairing an iPhone 12 can cost about the same as a new iPhone 11

My first smartphone built in metal and glass was the iPhone 4S. I only dropped it once, but luckily the case and the surface it landed on (wood) softened the impact and did not take any damage. I perfectly remember the shock, since at that time repairing a double glass fracture cost me almost the same as buying a new smartphone.

Apple has maintained that trend with its new iPhone. On the official website of the apple company we can see that fixing an iPhone 12 that has suffered serious damage and that is not covered by the warranty will cost us $ 449. A drop that breaks the glass on both sides of the terminal would be a perfect fit for this type of repair.

With those $ 449 we could buy an iPhone SE 2020, which costs $ 399, or put a little more money and get an iPhone XR, which is priced at $ 499. If we are unlucky enough to break an iPhone 12 Pro in this way, the cost of repair goes up to $ 549, a figure that is very close to the $ 599 that an iPhone 11 costs.

The prices in Spain are also very high. Repairing damages out of warranty in the iPhone 12 Pro can cost up to 591.10 euros, while in the case of the iPhone 12 the cost would be 477.10 euros. Apple has not listed the costs of the “mini” and “Max” versions, but both are likely to be around 431.10 euros and 641.10 euros, respectively.

We might think that the high repair costs is something unique to Apple, but nothing is further from the truth. Many manufacturers have opted for all-screen designs and metal and glass finishes, and therefore the cost of repairs is high for all smartphones that have adopted both trends. In contrast, smartphones built entirely in aluminum, or in more modest materials, such as plastic, do not have, in most cases, this problem.

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