Guilty Gear Strive will be free to update to PS5, and will offer cross-play with PS4 players

By | October 23, 2020 | 2 views

Great news for Guilty Gear fans who do not intend to jump from generation to first. Arc System Works has confirmed that Guilty Gear Strive for PS4 will offer its improvement to the next generation version on PlayStation 5 for free, as reported on the game’s official website. All those who acquire the game in this generation will be able to jump to the next one at no additional cost, and with cross-play between generations.

On the first, the FAQ section of the game confirms that Guilty Gear Strive can be improved on PS5 at no additional cost. Here, and obviously, they point out that those who buy the game in physical format for PS4 can only use it with a standard PS5, and not with the PS5 Digital Edition without a disc reader. Of course, the digital copies can be used without problem in any of the console editions.

As for the second, Guilty Gear Strive will offer cross-play between PS4 and PS5, although not with the Arcade or Steam versions. On this, they reiterate that the new generation version will offer the same content as on PS4, but with improved graphics, resolution, and shorter loading times. Likewise, all downloadable content and additional purchases made on PS4 will be transferred to the PS5 version as part of your user account.

Guilty Gear Strive will be available on PS4, PS5, and PC on April 9. Last summer, Arc System Works showcased some exciting gameplay of the game pitting Zato and Millia against each other, and more recently this month, the company debuted a trailer focusing on the game’s story mode, with a good look at the quality. of his animated scenes. But if what you want is to know better its gameplay, here are our impressions of Guilty Gear Strive.

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