Body Language: What Does The Posture In Which You Sleep Mean

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“The position in which you sleep is interesting material for an expert,” explains a body language expert. If during the day we can control our body language and avoid certain gestures or movements – indicators of emotions, then at night we assume this or that position unconsciously.

Many believe that the favorite sleeping position is associated with one or another trait of a person’s character and can even predict his fate. However, this is a delusion. Rather, it reflects the feelings that a person experienced while falling asleep. At night, our bodies and minds thus continue the dialogue started in the evening.

So what does our body want to say?


The name of this pose perfectly describes the position of the body during sleep: on the side, the back is rounded, the arms are bent at the elbows, and the legs are at the knees and tucked into the stomach.

According to the researcher of sleep, British professor Chris Idzikowski, most people sleep in this position. Many believe that this posture is a signal that we need protection, that we are trying to return to childhood.

Expert opinion: “The fetus position for a person is the most familiar and comfortable, because it is in this position that we are in the womb. There is no need to look for hidden meaning in this. This pose suggests that you just want to calm down and relax. Perhaps something is bothering you or makes you feel uncomfortable.”


Not the most natural and common situation. The arms are stretched out at the seams and pressed to the body, the back is tense and straight, as if you are trapped in a tight space or sleeping between two people.

Expert opinion: “This not the most comfortable position suggests that the person is not letting go of worries and unfinished business. He seems to be ready at any moment to jump up and start acting. Perhaps he is worried about important things that await him in the morning. Full rest and relaxation in such a position is out of the question.”


The shoulders are tight, the spine is tense, the head is turned to the side, breathing and circulation are difficult. Doctors say sleeping on your stomach is extremely unhealthy. Cosmetologists add that this posture leads to the appearance of premature wrinkles, because the skin of the face is “wrinkled” due to contact with the pillow, microcirculation processes are disturbed in it, and dust mites and other microorganisms that inhabit the pillow attack it all night.

Expert opinion: “This posture is an indicator of extreme fatigue. Turning our backs to the world around us, we try to fall asleep as soon as possible, concentrate on rest, subconsciously want to protect our sleep from external aggression. Sometimes, however, the reason forcing us to choose such a position is quite obvious – for example, light or some sound prevents us from sleeping.

Also, we often fall asleep with our face in the pillow not at home, because in a new environment we do not feel comfortable enough and thus we try to abstract ourselves. This position cannot be called beneficial for the body, but many people say that this is the only way they can fall asleep faster and stronger. “


It doesn’t matter how you lie: on your stomach, on your side or on your back – pay attention to where your hands are located. If in a dream you hug a pillow or touch your stomach, this is an important body signal.

Expert opinion: “Sometimes touching objects helps us to calm down. Someone twists the handle during a meeting or plays with the car keys, approaching a stranger with a request. Touching the pillow or stomach is also a kind of “tranquilizer”. In addition, this is how the body can signal the need for physical contact.”

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