In a suburb in the north-west of Paris, an unknown person beheaded a teacher, after which he was shot by the police.

According to local media reports, the victim in Conflans-Saint-Honorine was a teacher who showed a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed in class. There is no official confirmation of this information yet.

The investigation into this case was headed by the prosecutor in charge of cases related to terrorist activities.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen, who was on his way to Morocco, immediately returns to Paris.

The attack took place around 17:00 local time near the school.

Police arrived at the scene after receiving reports of a suspicious person wandering around the school.

The police first found the victim, and then the suspect himself, who was 200 meters away. After he tried to attack the police with a knife-like object, he was shot.

Currently, the crime scene is cordoned off, investigative actions are being carried out there.

The police advised local residents to avoid this place for a while.

The killer of the French teacher

There was a version about the Russian origin of the killer of the French teacher

A criminal who beheaded a teacher near Paris could have been born in Moscow. BFMTV reports.

According to the TV channel, the killer is of Chechen origin, he is 18 years old.

There is no official confirmation of this. The Russian embassy in France is checking this information. The diplomats told RIA Novosti that local authorities have not yet made inquiries about the alleged offender.

At the scene of the state of emergency came the President of France Emmanuel Macron, as well as the ministers of the interior, national education and citizenship.

Earlier it was reported that the culprit was a 48-year-old native of Algeria. According to media reports, he could be the parent of one of the students and was outraged that the teacher showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during the freedom of speech lesson. The criminal was shot dead by the police.

The Russian Federation refused to consider the killer of a teacher in France a Chechen

The Russian Federation refused to consider the killer of a teacher in France a Chechen

Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev said that the terrorist who beheaded the French teacher could not be considered a Russian or a Chechen.

“Because then he is not a Chechen and he is not a Russian, no matter what is indicated in his documents. We are different – both in Chechnya and in any constituent entity of the Russian Federation, ” Kosachev wrote on Facebook.

A member of the Federation Council called the terrorist attack monstrous. He said that both the Russian authorities and the Chechen people must give “exhaustive assessments of what happened” if the French media are right.

French media today announced that the 18-year-old terrorist was Chechen and was born in Moscow. There is no official confirmation of the information yet.

Previously, Rambler reported that a history teacher was attacked the night before in Conflans-Saint-Honorine (27 km from Paris). The attacker slit the victim’s throat. He threatened the policemen who arrived at the scene, but was shot dead.

On Twitter, the attacker posted a photo of the victim’s head. He stated that he took revenge on the teacher for insulting the prophet.

It is known that the murdered 47-year-old man, for educational purposes, showed his students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad from the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. At the same time, he asked in advance to leave the class of students who could be offended by these cartoons.

The French President called the incident a terrorist attack.

Name of Muscovite who killed teacher in France named

Former Muscovite of Chechen origin, 18-year-old Abdulak Anzorov cut off the head of a French history teacher because of cartoons of the prophet Mohammed. The name of the suspect was announced by the BFMTV television channel.

It is known that earlier Anzorov did not fall into the field of vision of the special services and was not included in the lists of “radicalized persons”. After the murder, he posted a photo of the severed head of the victim on Twitter and stated that he had executed the teacher who “dared to humiliate the Prophet Muhammad.”

We will remind, on the eve of the evening, the attacker attacked a history teacher near the college in the commune of Conflans-Saint-Honorine. The killer decapitated the victim with a knife, causing shock throughout France. The attacker was later shot dead by the police. The anti-terrorist department of the prosecutor’s office joined the investigation of the murder. In the case, 9 people have already been detained – relatives and friends of the alleged offender.

According to French media reports, the 47-year-old man who was killed was a history teacher. He was killed for teaching freedom of speech lessons and showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad from the infamous satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.


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