2067: Time Loop (2020) Sci-Fi Movie Leak Review

2067 sci-fi movie released on 2 October 2020, reported leaked on prominent torrents sites i.e. 1337x.to, TamilRockers, 123Movies, Putlockers, OpenLoad and many others. All of these notorious movie pirate sites have shared the download through Torrent servers which is impossible for anyone to stop sharing as key members have put it online through their high end computers. Apart from Torrent, the 2067 movie also downloadable through Magnet servers too.

The movie details of 2067 leaked are:

Complete name: 2067.2020.HDRip.XviD.B4ND1T69.avi, Format: AVI, Format/Info: Audio Video Interleave, File size: 1.04 GiB, Duration: 1 h 54 min, Overall bit rate: 1 305 kb/s, Subtitles: Yes…Included(HI).

ID: 0, Format: MPEG-4 Visual, Format profile: Advanced [email protected], Format settings, BVOP: 2, Format settings, QPel: No, Format settings, GMC: No warppoints, Format settings, Matrix: Default (H.263), Codec ID: XVID, Codec ID/Hint: XviD, Duration: 1 h 54 min, Bit rate: 1 164 kb/s, Width: 720 pixels, Height: 304 pixels, Display aspect ratio: 2.35:1, Frame rate: 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS, Color space: YUV, Chroma subsampling: 4:2:0, Bit depth: 8 bits, Scan type: Progressive, Compression mode: Lossy, Bits/(Pixel*Frame): 0.222. Stream size: 953 MiB (89%), Writing library: XviD 64

ID: 1, Format: MPEG Audio, Format version: Version 1, Format profile: Layer 3, Codec ID: 55, Codec ID/Hint: MP3, Duration: 1 h 54 min, Bit rate mode: Constant, Bit rate: 128 kb/s, Channel(s): 2 channels, Sampling rate: 48.0 kHz, Compression mode: Lossy, Stream size: 105 MiB (10%), Alignment: Aligned on interleaves, Interleave, duration: 24 ms (0.58 video frame)

This movie is really worth watching. At first I was not sure and find it quite boring but as the movie goes ahead it kept getting interesting and mysterious. The visuals are great. Not a lot of graphics scene though but trust me the story will keep you entertained throughout the movie. The concept is also very relevant and teach us a life lesson. Although I must say that the costume designer is the worst I mean that’s not a big deal but the costumes are so weird and do not quite matched. But the story overpowered all the cons of the movie. you should definitely give it a try.

Director: Seth Larney
Writers: Seth Larney, Dave Paterson
Stars: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Ryan Kwanten, Sana’a Shaik


One man’s journey to the longer term to save lots of a dying world.

It’s one thing to travel on a journey attempting to seek out a cure for a beloved, but it’s another thing entirely when that adventure involves time travel into the longer term and being confronted with evidence that despite the promise of returning home with an answer, the mission was a failure. Of the various resplendent sights found within visual effects artist turned director Seth Larney’s (this is his second narrative feature), 2067, this is often one among the more haunting realizations and therefore the scene my mind races back to whenever I internally debate whether I might recommend the sci-fi mind-bender or not.

Kodi Smit-McPhee is Ethan Whyte, an underground worker living within the titular future that has been ravaged by global climate change , deforestation, and almost every other way citizenry continuously botch planet Earth. Such abuse on mother nature has rendered oxygen nonexistent, meaning that society now uses artificial oxygen to urge by, but mostly just walk around wearing masks. Some are ready to adapt to such a dramatic change, while others like Ethan’s wife Xanthe (Sana’a Shaik) are slowly dying from not having the important thing as if she is affected by a terminal illness.

Committed to being a workman and provider completing underground construction jobs with longtime friend Jude (Ryan Kwanten), Ethan is merely concerned with doing right by Xanthe in her time of need. She’s not such a lot a personality as she is motivation for Ethan, but that also points to a bigger problem within 2067 as a whole; it’s more curious about world-building and pushing the overall plot forward instead of getting us emotionally invested into these characters.

Nevertheless, Ethan vows to never leave Xanthe’s side. That is until some scientists led by Regina (Deborah Mailman) inexplicably receive a transmission from the machine they’re building that explicitly says “send Ethan Whyte”. The plan is to travel into the longer term where Earth has re-corrected itself and become naturally inhabitable again, with the intention of bringing back how to heal the present world. Initially, Ethan is hesitant to travel and leave behind Xanthe, but also because he has his own baggage stemming from his father that did something almost like his mom and never came back to the family.

Naturally, Ethan is convinced to require the leap of religion as there’s potentially an opportunity at saving the planet alongside the one he loves. Visually, 2067 is stunning (especially as long as this is often a low-budget special-effects heavy film from RLJE) taking us from a steampunk future then 400 years farther where nature has reclaimed the earth with eye-popping beauty. The locations here are truly outstanding, whether it’s your standard futuristic depictions of machinery and holograms or Ethan stumbling around a forest trying to uncover his greater purpose during this save-the-world narrative.

Where Seth Larney somewhat fumbles is with the revelations of what’s really happening. Upon successfully traveling 400 years into the longer term Ethan immediately discovers that real oxygen has returned, but disturbingly finds his own deceased body alongside a cryptic final audio log from himself. There’s tons of dots to attach here between Ethan, his family, his friends, the scientists, and therefore the time-traveling device at the middle of this point loop.

Disappointingly, most of the large twists are often seen coming from lightyears away, but there’s some admiration therein Larney is in a position to effectively utilize these tropes. It also helps that Kodi Smit-McPhee gives a winningly determined performance, resilient to offer up, and always pushing forward putting the pieces together. albeit the story is basic sci-fi stuff, 2067 is certainly always pleasant to seem at and zippers along side urgency and brainy thrills.

Public Review

This was really good scifi, and in that I think the fx and dystopian feel mixed with space/time travel were astounding. In a way the fx eclipsed everything but did a 180 and brought the acting to meet it and keep it great. A couple of moments with the acting I was a little set back, but I got used to it and really enjoyed the lead actor interaction, very small cast in most scenes and it still felt big.

This was a very well done entry into the time paradox genre. Masterful storytelling and brilliant visuals. kept my interest through to the end. There is not a lot of action sequences, but the story is great.

This utterly was amazing honestly cried in the end, Made me feel like this phenomena could actually happen..The acting,graphics , story line is award worthy in my opinion,


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